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Motorhome rentals in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe

Welcome to All Motorhome Rentals.

Compare motorhome and RV rental rates from all over the world. Searching for discounts, special offers or simply checking all available prices can save a lot of Euro's.

We started this website, because we planned a holiday through South Africa with our son, who was only two years old at the time. With a child you need a bit of comfort and not to much hassle. This was the reason we choose to rent a motorhome. Since searching on the internet to compare motorhome rental companies and agencies took a lot of time, we came to the idea to start a website where you can find all motorhome rental companies in the world!

We also added links to campsites and other travellinks to prepare your trip.

A great 2020 motorhome holiday starts with comparing rental companies and prices!

Have a look on our special offers page for early booking discounts or last minute deals.

Camper in Zuid-Afrika

Easy motorhome rental search

If you type at the seach area (right on top of the page) the city you want to rent an RV from (for example Sydney), you can find directly (if there are any) all the motor home rental companies. Otherwise you can search in the left menu all countries from where you can rent a motorhome. When you contact an RV or motor home rental company, it would be great if you mention as the site you have found them on.

Or you can have a look at a country page, In addition to the pages with motorhome rental companies and travel agencies, we also have added a page where you can find campsites in a country and a travel link page, so you can prepare your whole holiday, starting from this site!

Motorhome rental compare

This site is specially made to compare rates for motorhome rentals. When I was looking for a motorhome in Australia and South Africa, I had to search the internet which took a lot of time. Also the smaller companies where sometimes hard to find. It's worth the time to compare the prices and possibilities so you can have a great holiday for the best deal and you can make sure you still have enough money to enjoy your holiday.

Most times if you book directly at a motorhome rental company it is cheaper then when you go to a travel agency or broker. For the USA and Canada a motorhome rental agent is often cheaper. Travel agencies also have special offers, cheap last-minute deals or can offer attractive fly-drive combinations. So it's wise to check them as well. Espescially in high season.

Book direct at a motorhome rental company

You can find all countries where it's possible to hire a motorhome on this site. We have the largest selection of rental companies on the web!

We have links to motorhome and campervan rental companies in:

Pacific and Asia
  Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, India and Nepal, China, Turkey, Japan
  United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Slovenia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Macedonia, Croatia
North and South America
  USA (Inter States), USA (States), Canada, Chile, Argentina
Southern Africa
  South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia

For the more adventurous travellers we also have 4wd motorhome rentals in Australia and 4x4 Rooftent rental companies in Kenia, Tanzania and Southern Africa.

Renting a motorhome at a travel agency

The tour operators, booking and travel agencies are listed on destination. If you are looking for an holiday to Germany, you can check the Germany Motorhome Agents page, the Europe Motorhome Agents page (for travel agencies offering more than one country in Europe) and the World Wide Motorhome Agents page (for agencies with more than one destiniation in the world).

You can find links to tour agencies on:

North and South America
  USA, Canada, Chile, Argentina, Cuba
Pacific and Asia
  Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, China
Southern Africa
  South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia
  Europe, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary

Private motorhome rentals

In some countries it's also possible to rent pivately owned recreation vehicles as motorhomes or campervans. It's often cheaper, but make sure you know what you rent. Check the age of the motorhome and make sure that you are well insured. The best advice is to go and have a look at the motorhome before you rent.

We have private RV rental in Germany, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Norway and the USA.

Campsites and motorhome stopovers

When you are traveling in a motorhome, you need a place to spend the night. In some countries you are only allowed to stay at official campgrounds, others have overnight motor home stops and some do allow free camping (or boondocking). In our campsite listing you can find links to all overnight stops and RV dump stations.

You can find RV campings and rest places in:
  Europe, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Croatia
North and South America
  USA, Canada, Chile, Argentina, Cuba, Mexico
Pacific and Asia
  Australia, New Zealand, Japan
Southern Africa
  Southern Africa

Thank you for visiting All Motorhome Rentals. We are continuously working on this site. We hope we may welcome you again soon to see what has changed. If you have any suggestions to improve this site or would like to add a usefull motorhome link, please contact us at
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Saving tip for 2018

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In the low season the ACSI can save a lot of money.

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