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About us

We are a Dutch family who likes to travel around. Since we have children, we prefer to travel in a motorhome. It’s the freedom to go and stop wherever you like and always having a toilet and something to eat or drink at hand. You don’t have to unpack your luggage and the children have more space to play.

Deep into the mines of ScandinaviaWe have hired a motorhome in South Africa, Australia and in Germany (for travelling through Scandinavia and Germany). The first time to South Africa we arranged our trip with a travel agency, because we felt more secure that way. If something goes wrong, you can always relay on the agency. The second year we liked to go back to South Africa since we had such a great time the year before. This time we searched around the Internet for a good flight deal and booked our motorhome directly at the motorhome rental company. Our holiday was much cheaper than the year before. We made sure that we where well insured. It is possible to arrange travel insurance directly at an insurance company, independent from a travel agency or the motorhome rental company. For our trips to Australia and Scandinavia we spend again a lot of time to find all rental companies to compare prices, campsites and overnight stops, and interesting places to visit. We found that there is often great difference between rental rates, and it's certainly worthwhile to shop around.

Spending so much time searching on the internet brought us to the idea that it would be a lot easier if you could find all motorhome rental companies on one site. To achieve that, we started with

Apart from rental companies, we also added travel agencies on the site, because all year round (especially in the low season) you can find great flight and motorhome deals with them.

When you are going to travel around with a motorhome you want to prepare where you can spend the night, so we have added campsite portals and sites where you can find motorhome stopovers. For finding your way, we added route planners so you don’t get lost. We have also added important travel links, so you can search for great places to visit, cheap flight tickets or a hotel to spend a first or last night. In the future we would like to add the possibility to share your experience with motorhome rental companies.

We have become so enthousiastic about motorhome travel, especially traveling around with children is much easier in a motor home that we have bought our own 6-berth Bürstner A574. In 2016 we changed it for a smaller campervan a Ford Nugget with rooftop tent.

While traveling we like to take pictures. It is an advantage to travel around in a motorhome. Many times you can stay close to where you want to go photographing and then you can take great pictures from the sunset or sunrise. Some of the nicest photos are displayed on dreamstime.

We went to Iceland in 2013, traveling by motorhome is the best way to see this amazing country,

In 2015 we went to Japan and rented a campervan to see this country. There are not many people who have done this, so it still feels like pionering. We enjoyed it very much. Japan is very safe, there is lots to see and the traffic is also not a problem. We have published our travelstory on
You can also find a travelroute for 4 weeks to Japan there. We have also made a roadbook. Combined with a waypoint file from you are ready for your next adventure. The roadbook and waypoint file are available for just 15 euro.

In july / august 2018 we are planning a campervan holiday to New Zealand. It will be winter there, but the good thing is that the campsite are open all year and the motorhome rental is very cheap.

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