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Where to go in Finland

With some 33,000 islands and peninsulas, the Great Lakes of Saimaa and Päijänne in Central Finland provide a diverse waterscape of lakes, rivers and canals to form Europe's largest inland waterway system. Whatever the season, Lapland offers a variety of interesting natural phenomena and cultures, from the mysterious Northern Lights and the dark Kaamos skies to the magical contrast of the Midnight Sun. SantaPark is world’s first amusement park of Santa Claus with its Santa, elves and reindeer, situated at the Arctic Circle. The cave built deep inside the Syväsenvaara fell in the Province of Rovaniemi is open nearly all year round.

Road conditions / restrictions

The Finnish drive on the right and overtake on the left. Snow tyres are required December to February and engine heaters are strongly recommended. Headlights must be used at all times. Motorists in Finland should remain alert for elk and reindeer which frequently wander onto roads and are most active at dusk. Petrol stations that take payment only with automatic cash machines do not accept foreign credit cards. Petrol stations with manned services accept most widely-issued credit cards.

Where to camp

Free camping
Every man's right / Everyone may:

Stay or set up camp temporarily in the countryside, a reasonable distance from homes. Camping is not normally permitted on public beaches and other special public areas. In larger official public outdoor recreational areas, campers are often directed towards certain areas or campsites where facilities are provided free of charge.

Walk, ski or cycle freely in the countryside, except in gardens, in the immediate vicinity of people’s homes, and in fields and plantations which could easily be damaged.

Pick wild berries, mushrooms and flowers, as long as they are not protected species.

Fish with a rod and line row, sail or use a motorboat on waterways, with certain restrictions; swim or wash in inland waters and the sea walk, ski and fish on frozen lakes, rivers and the sea.

You may not:

Disturb other people or damage property.

Disturb breeding birds, or their nests or young disturb reindeer or game animals, cut down or damage living trees, or collect wood, moss or lichen on other people’s property.

Light open fires on other people’s property, except in an emergency.

Disturb the privacy of people’s homes, by camping too near them, or making too much noise.

Leave litter.

Drive motor vehicles off road without the landowner’s permission.

Fish or hunt without the relevant permits .

Camping sites

Camping sites are usually located in attractive surroundings, almost always by water, whether lake, river or sea. Rowing, canoeing, fishing and hiking are just some of the things you can do while staying at a camping site. There are about 330 camping sites in Finland evenly distributed over the whole country. About 200 of them belong to the Finnish Campingsite Association's national network. Butane gas is not available in Finland. If you use bottled gas, make sure you have enough with you for your stay, because foreign containers will not be exchanged in Finland.

Type of motorhome(s)

Hightop or campervan

A panel van (delivery van) often elegantly converted with a special high fixed roof. The 'wheelbase' of the van chassis has a strong influence on available space since the internal width is more or less fixed. Most campervans are 2-berth, sometimes you can extend the roof and convert the van into 4 sleeping places.

Coachbuilt / C-Class

An extended chassis on a van cab with a coachbuilt living space, rather like having a high spec caravan on the back. The wider 'caravan' body allows designers to cleverly incorporate almost everything you could need into a quite small space - even cross-body beds big enough for a six footer. In the UK frequently called a 'motorcaravan'. Also known as a C-Class. Many have a double bed in the cabover. Sometimes they have a fixed double bed or a stack bed. They can range from 2 berth to even 7 berth with many different layouts.

A-Class or Integrated

A medium or largish van completely coachbuilt, with nothing of the original van bodywork or cab exterior. Potentially the best design since almost everything is based on the needs of motorcaravanners but they are usually rather expensive. Sometimes they have a transverse 'drop-down' double bed stored in the roof over the cab seats. Often only 2 berth or 3/4 berth when you can convert the dinning seats into a bed. if they combine it wth a drop down double bed it is possible to have as much as 6 people sleeping inside.

Driving license

The following national driver's licenses are recognised: licenses of EU/EEC model or member countries of 1949 and 1968 conventions or national licenses accompanied by an official translation into Finnish or Swedish.


Citizens of Nordic countries (Denmark, Iceland, Sweden and Norway ) do not need a passport for entering Finland. EU-nationals, and citizens of Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, Switzerland and Schengen Agreement countries (Austria, Belgium,Denmark,France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherland, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Sweden ) can enter Finland with a valid passport or a valid identity card. . All other nationalities require a valid passport.


No vaccination requirements for any international traveller. Finland has reciprocal agreements with Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Norway, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Switzerland. A European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is necessary for this purpose.

Emergency telephone numbers

Emergency number/Fire/Ambulance Service - 112
Police Service - 10022

Best time to visit

The peak camping season in Finland is from mid June to the beginning of August or September, and it’s wise to make reservations at this time. Camping is possible in southern Finland for three months and in northern Finland for about two months. However, the camping sites are open much longer, and there are 70 which stay open the whole year round.


The official currency is the Euro.


Finland is a multilingual country where Finnish, Swedish and Sami are spoken. While Swedish is spoken in Finland by a small minority, they enjoy the same rights than the Finnish speaking majority thanks to an advanced legal framework that sets the Finnish model as an example to other multilingual countries in the world


The electric current in Finland is 220 V (230 V), 50 Hz. A two-pin plug system, familiar throughout Europe, is used. Adapters are available in airport shops.

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