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Motorway Vignette Switzerland

In order to use the highways in Switzerland, a toll has to be paid. But there are no toll booth, instead a special sticker - known as the "Autobahn Vignette" - is required. You can buy a vignette at the Swiss Travel Centre. Besides the motorway vignette you can also order tickets for the Lötschberg Tunnel. The car transport Kandersteg-Goppenstein is the most direct link between the Bernese Oberland and the Valais for road traffic. Save valuable mileage thanks to the direct route, journey time 15 minutes.

For sightseeing in Switzerland, the Swiss Travel Centre also offers scenic routes and daytrips by train and cableways.

A good idea is to buy a Swiss Railway Pass which offers travel on the entire rail, bus and boat network of Swiss Travel System, city trams and buses included and 50% discount on many mountain railways and cableways and free entry to 400 museums. If you are planning to see a lot of the attractive museums and visit the highest mountain tops as the jungfraujoch, the swiss flexi pass will save you a lot of money even if you won't travel by rail that much.

Swiss Flexi Pass

  • free travelling for 3, 4, 5, 6 or 8 days within a period of up to one month. These days do not need to be consecutive. The validity of the Swiss Flexi Pass starts at the first day of free travelling and ends after the last day of free travelling.
    Overview of the network on which the Swiss Flexi Pass is valid PDF document © SBB;
  • on these days, unlimited travelling by train, bus and boat applies;
  • on these days, unlimited travelling by public transportation in 37 cities applies;
  • on the remaining days, a 50% discount applies on train, bus and boat tickets;
  • a discount of 50% on many gondolas, funiculars and mountain trains;
  • free entrance into 400 museums. Please see Swiss Museum Pass for an overview;
  • up to a 30% discount on day trips. Please refer to RailAway for an overview;
  • discounts from 20% on city trips in Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne, Lucerne, Schaffhausen and Zürich;
  • discounts from 10% at several hotel chains, including Best Western, Swiss Backpackers and Minotel;
  • also valid on several lines in surrounding countries: Basel - EuroAirport (France), Martigny - Chamonix Mont Blanc (France), Brig - Domodossola (Italy) - Locarno via the Centovalli railway, Lugano - Chiavenna (Italy) - St. Moritz, Lugano - Tirano (Italy), Zernez - Malles Venosta (Italy), Buchs/Sargans - Liechtenstein - Feldkirch (Austria);
  • with the STS Family Card, children, stepchildren and foster children from 6 up to and including 15 years old travel for free if accompanied by at least one of their parents. The STS Family Card can be supplied with your order for free;
  • a 50% discount applies on Swiss Flexi Passes for other children (non-family) from 6 up to and including 15 years old;
  • children up to and including 5 years old (family and non-family) travel for free if accompanied by an adult, unless you want to reserve seats for them in special trains, such as the Glacier Express. This applies to a maximum of 4 children per adult;
  • a 15% discount applies when purchasing a Swiss Flexi Pass for 2 or more people: Swiss Saver Flexi Pass.
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